8 Sep 2023 | Author: Adam Boother

Bitrefill brings the simplicity of eSIM to crypto enthusiasts

Founded in 2014, ecommerce website and exchange platform Bitrefill is a leader in the cryptocurrency field. The Stockholm based company, which facilitates the purchase of goods and services through Bitcoin, Lightning and other cryptocurrencies, connects its customers with over 3,500 businesses around the world.

Bitrefill’s mission is to make it easier for people everywhere to live on crypto, giving users the freedom to purchase a vast range of products and services including clothing, cars, entertainment, eating out, entertainment, experiences, travel and technology. By tapping into the eSIM market, the company is continuing its mission to bring game-changing technologies to its customers, giving them instant access to reliable, affordable mobile data around the world, with no need for fiddly plastic SIM cards.

Mobile connectivity has always been an important part of Bitrefiill’s offering. Customers have been able to top up their mobile phones using crypto currency since the launch of the platform almost a decade ago, but thanks to its partnership with eSIM Go, they can now enjoy seamless global connectivity wherever they roam too.  

Bitrefill’s senior management team had just been thinking about selling eSIM packages when they received a call from eSIM Go sales team in March 2023, so it seemed like the perfect time to take the idea forward. 

Business Development Specialist Lawrence Ray says Bitrefill’s experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive:

“The whole process has been easy and headache free. From the start, we were impressed by eSIM Go’s knowledge, enthusiasm and experience in the telecoms industry. After the first meeting there was a comprehensive internal review, then once the agreements were all drawn up, work began on building the platform. The API is simple and secure, and because we already offered mobile refills we could easily adapt our customer flow for fast, seamless integration.”


High quality, hassle-free data for tech savvy globetrotters 

The eSIM industry is seeing huge growth, with consumers everywhere driving the trend for a faster, easier and greener way to consume data. Adding eSIM to Bitrefill’s already impressive offering is testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, simplicity and meeting the ever-evolving demands of its customers. 

Like crypto enthusiasts, early adopters of eSIM tend to be dynamic, digital nomads who often seek to live outside of traditional systems. Digital connectivity is essential to them, and they want to access it as flexibly and efficiently as possible. They can now purchase eSIMs direct from the Bitrefill ecommerce platform, alongside a step-by-step tutorial that helps them choose the right package for their individual needs. 

Bitrefill’s customers are tech savvy, with high expectations, so the fact that eSIM Go only works with recognised tier-1 operators for high quality connectivity is also a major selling point. 4G and 5G coverage is available in over 150 countries, with all major territories covered. And due to the ‘no network steering policy’ customers have total control over which network they use, with no danger of being arbitrarily routed to an inferior service. 


From concept to launch in under five months

Bitrefill officially launched its branded eSIM proposition less than five months after initial discussions. Lawrence Ray says the team have been delighted with the new partnership:

“We were able to focus on getting all our marketing ready and officially launched on 8th August. Everything has gone smoothly. There have been no issues as far as I’m aware and we’re getting some great feedback. The team at eSIM Go are always around to answer questions, we’ve had some really good meetings and we’re learning a lot from them. It’s a great relationship!”

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