27 Apr 2023 | Author: Adam Boother

eSIM Go Version 2.2.3 Release Notes

Here is what’s new in Version 2.2.3

April 2023 saw the largest overhaul of eSIM Go bundles since we launched.  Over 600 new bundles were successfully deployed and a host of new countries added including Japan, India and Monaco.


Version 2.2.3 has landed, take a look of our newest updates: 


Enhanced API eSIM Notifications 💬 

 Added new eSIM notification types:

  • 1% data bundle utilisation 
  • First network registration attach - used for welcome messages
  • Country change notification events


Top-up Notifications 💰

When a top-up is applied to an organisation an API notification is sent along with the credit amount and the top-up type (manual top-up, auto top-up and eSIM applied credit)


Revoke and refund to organisation balance 💵

eSIM Go now supports the ability to revoke a bundle either to inventory for re-application or the new option to refund an unused bundle back to an organisation’s credit if it has not been started and was purchased <60 days ago.


SIM & eSIM Identification Flags 🆔 

The eSIM Go Management Portal and API will now identify when an ICCID is associated with either a traditional physical SIM card or an eSIM.


Organisation Low Credit Notifications ⚠️

Organisations can now set a custom low balance credit value which will trigger an email notification once their credit falls below that amount.  


eSIM Assigned Date Added to eSIM Go Management Portal🔎

Through the eSIM Go Management Portal, it is now possible to see the assigned date for when an eSIM was created on the View eSIM page, enabling improved sorting and management of an organisation’s eSIM estate.  Applies to new assignments only, not historic estate.


Additional features and fixes

  • Overpayment errors fixed
  • Organisation name constraints bug fixed
  • New organisation registration enhancements
  • Bundle applications added to last action date


If there’s something else you think we should add, or if you have any ideas on how we could do things better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at product@esim-go.com

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