3 Mar 2023 | Author: Harriet Gibbs

Get up to speed with eSIM for Formula One 2023

The new Formula One season is nearly upon us, with the year’s first Grand Prix taking place on Sunday 5th March. Each year’s eagerly expected F1 schedule is already one of the most popular in the sporting calendar, attracting millions of fans from all over the world, but 2023’s is tipped to be one of the best years yet. It all adds up to more travel, more destinations and more demand for mobile data from travellers – and eSIM Go is on hand to rev up revenues for travel providers seeking to keep pace and stay on track.

Formula One 2023 has more tracks than ever

The Chinese GP has been cancelled for 2023 due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and will not be replaced on the calendar. But globetrotting F1 fans needn’t worry – the roster includes 20 countries across five continents and features classic tracks like Silverstone, Suzuka and Monaco as well as some exciting new additions.

This year’s F1 calendar will be the biggest ever, with a record-breaking 23 stops planned between March and the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 26th November. 

Returning to the roster is the Qatar GP, while new tracks at Jeddah and Miami are also set to attract thousands of motor racing fans. But perhaps the most hotly anticipated new track is Las Vegas, a 6.12km/3.8 miles, 17-turn street circuit bending its way past some of the city’s most famous locations including Caesars Palace, the Bellagio and the Venetian.

A huge opportunity for eSIM retailers eSIM

Formula One attendance exceeded 5 million in 2022, with record-breaking figures seen in multiple locations. Attendance for the races more than doubled from the previous year, as circuits became fully open to spectators for the first time since the pandemic – but it’s also worth noting that 2022’s numbers were already up by over a million from 2019. 

Despite the rising cost of living, people are spending more on holidays and leisure activities,  and that certainly seems to be the case among Formula One fans. The organisers of the Miami Grand Prix, for example, have increased their capacity for this year’s event due to high demand, adding 3,000 new grandstand seats. 

It goes without saying that any event attracting these kinds of numbers gives a huge boost to the local tourism industry, while providing plenty of opportunities for travel and experience providers. One of those opportunities is eSIM.

A huge amount of mobile data is likely to be consumed by F1 fans over the coming months, and they will expect it to be reliable. Whether sharing posts and updates as the cars race by, keeping in touch with friends and family at home, or finding good places to eat and drink after the race, seamless mobile data is seen by many as a travel essential. 

That said, accessing that data has historically been notoriously difficult. For years, holiday makers have been hit with extortionate roaming fees, loss of signal and soul-destroying phone shop queues, not to mention the hassle of having to play around with multiple fiddly SIM cards. 

It’s been a similar story for travel providers, keen to provide their customers with the data they need but instead finding themselves dealing with an overwhelming inventory of SIM cards and unreliable services. 

eSIM changes everything, presenting the first ever win-win situation for all concerned. For the first time, travellers can now enjoy seamless access to data without any hassle, and savvy travel providers are making the most of this exciting new shift.

Why eSIM Go?eSIM

eSIM Go works direct with travel companies, providing a genuine opportunity to monetise data with no need for physical SIM cards. Our services are rapidly expanding, with network coverage across over 160 countries and more than 300 mobile network partners – including 90+ on 5G. Unlike many other providers, our eSIMs can be re-enabled up to 12 months after use. So, if your F1-loving customers want to reuse their SIMs the next time they travel with you, they can do so without any hassle.

We’re committed to helping you give motor racing fans access to the data they need, with no loss of signal, while you enjoy high yields. eSIM Go is a full spectrum eSIM solution for businesses, covering everything from mobile connectivity to infrastructure and full end-to-end app development. It can be easily integrated into your existing app, but we also offer a full app development service for those who are starting out. 

To find out more about how you can monetise mobile data during the 2023 Formula One calendar, get in touch.

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