23 May 2023 | Author: Adam Boother

How IP whitelisting with eSIM Go can help build brand loyalty

IP whitelisting is perhaps best known as a cybersecurity practice that allows online access to trusted sources. This popular strategy, which works on the principle of identifying certain people, companies and addresses who are allowed access to websites and applications, offers a vast range of security benefits.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the benefits of IP whitelisting go way beyond protecting customer data and keeping hackers at bay. Whitelisting is also a great way to build brand loyalty and unlock new opportunities to get to know your customers better.

eSIM helps travel companies solve a common problem 

As the average customer’s thirst for data continues to grow, it also remains among the biggest challenges associated with travelling abroad. 

One of the first things most people want to do when they land is let loved ones know they’ve arrived safely, closely followed by organising transport, checking emails and posting on social media. All of these things require access to data, which until the introduction of eSIM meant queuing in phone shops, messing around with local SIM cards, incurring often extortionate roaming charges or connecting to patchy, insecure hotel WiFi. 

eSIM quickly solves these problems for customers by keeping them connected as they explore. 

With around 40-60% of airline passengers already boarding with eSIM-enabled devices and the vast majority of mobile phone users expected to be familiar with this new technology within the next five years, travel companies like Wizz Air are naturally embracing eSIM. 

Wherever they are in the world, customers can now enjoy instant access to reliable data at the best possible rates, which means any brand offering eSIM as an add-on is instantly elevated to a problem-solving superhero customers feel they can trust.

So where does IP whitelisting come in?

IP whitelisting elevates the customer experience even further by keeping communication channels open throughout the entire journey, without eating into their data allowance.

By providing access to your site to trusted users only, you’re making your customers part of an exclusive club. One of the key benefits of that exclusivity is that they can communicate with you throughout their trip, gaining access to the support and information they need for a seamless experience – while IP whitelisting ensures none of the data you’ve sold them is used up when they do. 

This allows you to build loyalty by demonstrating that you care about that experience. Your brand can now be a consistent voice from the moment they board, keeping conversations going and answering any questions they may have, without them having to worry about roaming fees.

IP whitelisting empowers brands to turn transactions into relationships, steering the customer journey through different touchpoints and additional services, whilst gaining valuable insights on customer behaviours that can be used to inform future marketing campaigns. 

To find out more about this unique opportunity to open up new revenue opportunities and build lasting relationships with customers, ask our team at eSIM Go about IP whitelisting today.

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